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2016 World Broomball Championships - Team Statistics
1st November 2016 - 5th November 2016
Regina SK
Nova Scotia Nor Easters

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Division Standings: Mixed Green
1Team Canada/Mislead CAN871014
2Nova Scotia Nor Easters CAN1064012
3Furnaceguys Kings CAN1054111
4Hokkaido Black Swans JPN853010
5Regina Weezilz CAN103528
6Alberta Rage CAN83417
7Australia Green - Dingoes AUS81702
8Italy ITA80800
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Team Record
Game Results
#DateRinkHomeScoreVisitorsScoreGame Type
6Nov 1stRegina - 5 - DQNova Scotia Nor Easters2Regina Weezilz0
29Nov 1stRegina - 5 - DQFurnaceguys Kings0Nova Scotia Nor Easters0
55Nov 2ndRegina - 2 - RE/MAXNova Scotia Nor Easters7Australia Green - Dingoes0
77Nov 2ndRegina - 6 - Co-operatorsNova Scotia Nor Easters3Alberta Rage1
103Nov 2ndRegina - 4 - Prairie Mobile Nova Scotia Nor Easters2Italy0
110Nov 3rdRegina - 5 - DQTeam Canada/Mislead5Nova Scotia Nor Easters1
133Nov 3rdRegina - 6 - Co-operatorsNova Scotia Nor Easters4Hokkaido Black Swans2
150Nov 4thRegina - 1 - Best WesternNova Scotia Nor Easters4Ontario Coyotes3Mixed WC Quarter Final
169Nov 4thRegina - 6 - Co-operatorsBroom-shak6Nova Scotia Nor Easters0Mixed WC Semi-Final
182Nov 5thRegina - 2 - RE/MAXNova Scotia Nor Easters2Trojans3Mixed WC Bronze

Player Stats
2Amelia Linington (D)1001210.10
3Jackie Harvey (F)1030030.30
6Heidi Caldwell (F)1011220.20
8Renee Gilby (F)1001010.10
11France Bourgeois (D)1002020.20
12Nick Robbins (F)1052070.70
14Guillaume Caissie (F)10541090.90
19Justin Sanford (F)10740111.10
24Lisa Gay (F)1015060.60
25Hubert Blanchard (F)10480121.20
47Matt Wainman (D)1023250.50
51Crystal Taylor (G)1000000.00
66Melissa Parker (D)1001410.10
73Lucien Vautour (F)1035080.80
77Greg Taylor (D)1013840.40
87Tim Wellwood (D)108710151.50

CoachGreg Taylor
Assistant CoachGordie Kimm

Goalie Stats
Crystal Taylor10 6401292.90

Team Leaders
Most Goals
#87Tim Wellwood 8
Most Assists
#25Hubert Blanchard8
Most Points
#87Tim Wellwood 15
Most Penalties
#14Guillaume Caissie10
#87Tim Wellwood 10
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