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2018 World Broomball Championships - Team Statistics
30th October 2018 - 3rd November 2018
Ontario Coyotes

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Division Standings: Mixed Green
1Ontario Coyotes CAN752010
2Maritime Nor'easters CAN74219
3Regina Weezilz CAN74219
4Yukon Lead Dawgs CAN83506
5Australia Green - Dingoes AUS71602

Team Record
Game Results
#DateRinkHomeScoreVisitorsScoreGame Type
22Oct 30thSchwan Super Rink - 4Regal Beagle0Ontario Coyotes4
41Oct 30thSchwan Super Rink - 5Ontario Coyotes2Alkatchetario Rage0
66Oct 31stSchwan Super Rink - 1Japan Ice Ducks1Ontario Coyotes5
87Oct 31stSchwan Super Rink - 4Ontario Coyotes3Australia Gold - Dingoes0
111Nov 1stSchwan Super Rink - 4Team Canada- Broomshak6Ontario Coyotes0
154Nov 2ndSchwan Super Rink - 2Ontario Coyotes2Maritime Nor'easters3Mixed WC Semi-Final
179Nov 3rdSchwan Super Rink - 2Regal Beagle1Ontario Coyotes2Mixed WC Bronze

Player Stats
3Tyler Baumber (D)723050.71
7Denis Viens (D)721030.43
8Aaron Dempsey (D)702020.29
9April Innes (F)700000.00
10Madison Fitzpatrick (D)701010.14
12Karissa Kennedy (F)713040.57
13Shelby Roehler (D)712030.43
16Jordan Baumber (F)723050.71
17Leanne Ramsay (D)702020.29
18Patrick Ramsay (F)701010.14
21Justin Innes (F)700000.00
22Taylor Woodrow (F)720020.29
28Jennifer Schnurr (F)700000.00
29Martin Lauzon (F)730030.43
30Cameron Burnley (F)711020.29
31Terri Calder (G)700000.00
34Courtney Walter (F)701010.14
42Kyle Seifried (F)740040.57
77Michael Doohan IV (F)701010.14

CoachMichael Doohan III
TrainerBarb Burnley
ManagerGinitta Fitzpatrick
ManagerMegan Fregonese

Goalie Stats
Terri Calder7 5203111.57

Team Leaders
Most Goals
#42Kyle Seifried4
Most Assists
#16Jordan Baumber3
#3Tyler Baumber3
#12Karissa Kennedy3
Most Points
#16Jordan Baumber5
#3Tyler Baumber5
Most Penalties
Many with 0
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