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2018 World Broomball Championships - Team Statistics
30th October 2018 - 3rd November 2018
Bruno Axemen

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Division Standings: Mens Blue
1Bruno Axemen CAN1081117
2Kelly Lake/ No sweat USA1063113
3C & L Exc USA852111
4Border City Bulldogs CAN94419
5Gladiateurs-Quebec CAN83328
6Pochi '89 - Italy ITA103706
7Wolves USA81524
8Bethel University Royals USA80800

Team Record
Game Results
#DateRinkHomeScoreVisitorsScoreGame Type
4Oct 30thSchwan Super Rink - 4C & L Exc0Bruno Axemen0
26Oct 30thSchwan Super Rink - 2Bruno Axemen2Gladiateurs-Quebec1
48Oct 31stSchwan Super Rink - 1Wolves0Bruno Axemen1
73Oct 31stSchwan Super Rink - 2Bruno Axemen4Border City Bulldogs0
93Oct 31stSchwan Super Rink - 5Bruno Axemen15Bethel University Royals0
107Nov 1stSchwan Super Rink - 6Kelly Lake/ No sweat0Bruno Axemen3
130Nov 1stSchwan Super Rink - 5Bruno Axemen8Pochi '89 - Italy0
140Nov 2ndSchwan Super Rink - 6Bruno Axemen4Furious0Men's WC Quarter Final
160Nov 2ndSchwan Super Rink - 2Bruno Axemen1Mn Chiefs3Men's WC Semi Final
173Nov 3rdSchwan Super Rink - 2Kelly Lake/ No sweat2Bruno Axemen3Men's WC Bronze

Player Stats
3Joey Poncsak (F)1012030.30
5Martin Bisson (D)10460101.00
7Lyle Weiman (F)1034070.70
8Dawson Bender (F)1025070.70
9Daniel Detillieuxe (F)1041050.50
10Jeff Basset (F)101260181.80
11Chris Lepage (D)1025070.70
13Kolby McDonald (F)1001010.10
16Wayne Boxal (F)1032050.50
17Ryan Bender (F)1024060.60
22Reg Robidoux (D)1041050.50
25Kyle Solie (D)1003030.30
26Kenny Scott (F)1012030.30
27Yan Marineau (D)10290111.10
29Burt Stacey (G)1001010.10
29Burt Stacey (G)1000000.00
30Ian Fowler (G)1001010.10
68Curtis Debogorski (F)1014050.50

CoachRay Bender

Goalie Stats
Ian Fowler5 401410.20
Burt Stacey 1 100100.00
Burt Stacey4 310251.25

Team Leaders
Most Goals
#10Jeff Basset12
Most Assists
#27Yan Marineau9
Most Points
#10Jeff Basset18
Most Penalties
Many with 0
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