2022 National Championships Update

We at Broomball Canada have many concerns with our present health climate across the country. Our

desire is certainly to follow through with both the Juvenile and Senior Nationals in Cornwall and

Saskatoon respectively but, with an eye to speculating where the latest Omicron variant will be by the

end of January.

We will meet with our Provincial/Territorial members January 18 to discuss how each feel what

direction we should take here.

The last thing we wish to see is another event cancellation, but we must at the same time address the

safety of all participants. With this in mind, we hope to release a favorable statement at the end of the

month. Another thought to ponder. If the April timelines for the Nationals is not permissible, would an

alternate date in early May work? Please contact your P/T representative with your comments or


Trusting we will get through this successfully and wishing you, your friends and family a safe and healthy 2022.


George Brown

President, Broomball Canada