Message from Broomball Canada

March 28, 2022

Hello Everyone

Just a note from Broomball Canada to keep all informed of our present status.

Following the Board and PTSO meeting in December, we decided to postpone the Juvenile and Senior National events announcement to a revisit date in February where we were very pleased that plans could be made for the Senior event in Saskatoon, April 6 – 9 and the Juvenile event in Cornwall, April 13 -16.

Schedules have been prepared by our VP Technical Danny De Courval and posted on the web site. All seems to be progressing and we’re looking forward to meeting our broomball friends and colleagues at these events.

Most if not all of our meetings take place via zoom, which would appear to be the new norm.  Cathy Derewianchuk is back in the office and High Performance Programs have been turned over to our new the High Performance Coordinator, Racim Kebabb. Many of you will have worked with Racim while completing the High Performance testing programs that he has presided over for the past number of years and we wish him well in this new adventure.

Officiating Programs continue to fall under the direction of Doug Galt our Referee In Chief. Danny De Courval and Chad Schneider respectively have tapped into our Coaching program responsibilities with Conrad Morneau stepping down and with the upcoming departure of our Director of High Performance and Sport Development Pascale Gauthier after some 13 years with CBF. They will both be sadly missed and will take some effort to replace. Our Sport Development Coordinator, Veronique Cayer continues on with the Special Initiatives opportunities across the country, which has proven quite popular.

Lastly, it gives me great pleasure, even though it has cost us the services of our CBF Secretary, to announce the appointment of Barbara Wlodarczyk to the new CBF position of Executive Director. We welcome Barbara into this new direction for us here at CBF and trust she will do us a great service as we grow together.

Moving on, it has been noted that most Provinces have been able to get some form of Provincial Championships played out while still respecting some safety precautions. It is refreshing just to see participation again.

I would like to bring particular attention to our Senior and Juvenile events upcoming. Within the facilities of each, CBF has mandated that all Provinces provide proof of double vaccination for each of their participants. For those that the Provinces fail to produce confirmation for, they will be invited to show their proof of  vaccine verification via the QR Code check, plus matching ID. While in the facility and while not participating on the ice, each of you will be required to wear your mask, including coaches on the bench. Where it does appear things are improving, positive Covid tests have been abundant following some of these Provincial events.

In the interim we will continue to strive to meet your needs and keep you informed as the World and our Broomball lives return to some normalcy. If anyone has a question on something, please do not hesitate to contact the CBF office at  or myself at

Take care and be safe.

George Brown, President, Broomball Canada