Hagan Shoes Update

The CBF Executive, Committee members and Provincial/Territorial representatives,” held a conference call Sunday, March 8, to revisit the use of the Hagan Shoe at this year’s Juvenile and Senior National Championships.

Since the previous conference call where the use of the shoes was banned from the upcoming Nationals, there has been much discussion and exchange that was further addressed this evening. There is still some concern over durability and safety along with availability issues, but it is also felt it is up to the individual’s personal choice of use.

After much deliberation, a motion was put forth to rescind the original motion  that was carried and a second motion put forth to allow use of the Hagan Shoe at the upcoming Juvenile and Senior National Championships. With the narrowest of margins and the furthest thing from being unanimous, the motion was passed by the voting Provincial/Territorial members.

Best wishes in all of our upcoming events to all participants and will see many of you in Cornwall for the Juveniles, March 24 – 28 and in Saskatoon for the Seniors, April 1 – 4.

George Brown

Broomball Canada