2020 IFBA World Broomball Championships & Covid-19

This past Sunday the Board held a meeting to make a final decision with regard to the running of the 2020 IFBA World Broomball Championships.

With the ongoing concerns around the pandemic that is Covid-19 the Board has in total agreed that the event shall be deferred to a later date and not be run in 2020.

After careful consideration and with regard to the submissions from all member associations where the majority indicated 2021, including the host in Kingston, Ontario, the IFBA Board has accepted that the possibility or opportunity may exist in 2021 to run the event.

It must be noted that the Board in general believe a deferral to 2022 may be a better option for the next World Championship allowing all to look at having regional championships in place in 2021 such as European Nationals, Canam and Pacific Rim Tournaments as the Covid-19 situation is different in many countries.

The IFBA Board suggest to have a meeting in place in January 2021, with the latest information available with regard to Vaccines, possible second spikes of Covid-19, travel restrictions, etc. shall be better known. Using this updated information will allow us to make a final decision on a 2021 or 2022 World and Regional Championships.

The IFBA Board holds the safety and well being of all in the highest regard and shall continue to monitor all developments with regard to the pandemic. Should further decisions or deferrals be required the Board shall transmit all communication with the utmost speed to all.

Kind Regards,

Alan Jabs

General Secretary, IFBA